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The classifieds of are established in the international gliding community as the most active marketplace for the sale of gliders and accessories and are used intensively. In contrast to the German Gliding Forum, the operation of the classifieds was and will be maintained until the transition to the German Soaring Booster Club "Förderverein Segelflug e.V.". The activation, monitoring and quality assurance of the classifieds will continue to be done by the proven team that has provided this great service on for many years.
With the takeover by the booster club, a 1:1 migration of all data to a new server will take place. For the time being, however, the classifieds will have to run under the domain "" for technical reasons. After the takeover, the classifieds platform will be redesigned and integrated into the new platform environment under "". From this point on you can also look forward to new functionalities. We will keep you informed about details, but we ask for a little patience, because the classifieds are now completely maintained and developed by volunteers.
For private sellers and clubs an ad in the classifieds is still free of charge. For a fee you still have the possibility to make your ad a premium ad. If the sale of the aircraft or items you are offering has a commercial character, you will have to pay a fee for placing the ad.