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The Team of the Booster Club - Who we are


Felix Hoffmann
M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Position: First Chairman
Gliding is my hobby and profession. Thanks to my father and uncle, I grew up flying at the Aero-Club Bünde in the middle of Germany. Since the beginning I was fascinated by gliding. At the age of seven I flew for the first time, at 13 I started my glding education and after I got my license I started with cross country gliding. After my first competitions in 2008, I was able to develop further, especially through the time in the regional squad of NRW. I was able to gain my first experience at the association level in 2016 - 2020 in the gliding commission NRW together with Sigi Baumgartl, who had a lasting influence on me. Since 2017, I have been involved as a board member in the regional booster club "Förderverein Leistungssegelflug NRW e.V.". Based on the experiences from this booster club, this new nationwide booster club "Förderverein Segelflug e.V." was created.
Max Mensing
B. Sc. Industrial Engineering
Position: Second Chairman

I started my flying career in the gliding group Wenningfeld near the Dutch border in NRW. After receiving my license at the age of 16, I was able to pursue cross-country and competition flying thanks to the great support of my family and friends. For me, gliding has always been more than my own experience- and result-oriented flying. So it became a matter of course for me early on to pass on knowledge gained as a flight instructor and two years later as a mentor of the "Förderverein Leistungssegelflug NRW".   

I have supported the idea of the new and probably unique nationwide booster club from the beginning and am firmly convinced that we are creating something sustainable for our sport.
Lucas Boumans
Labratory Chemist
Position: Webmaster (provisional)
Sebastian Pfohl
Special Education Teacher
Position: Team Classifieds (provisional)
I started gliding in 2001 at the aviation association Greven at the airport Münster-Osnabrück. Due to my studies and job I have been living and flying in southern Germany for more than 15 years. I like to fly cross-country, but I am not a competition pilot - for me the flying experience is in the foreground, especially in the Alps. For about ten years I have been working in the classifieds team. It is especially important to me to provide glider pilots in Germany and abroad with a secure, well-maintained and moderated platform that will remain free of charge in the future. I have enthusiastically supported the idea of integrating the classifieds into the booster club "Förderverein Segelflug e.V." from the very beginning.
Matthias Langrock
Dipl. Ing (FH) for Industrial Electronics, IT-Administrator
Position: Team German Soaring Forum (provisional)

I started gliding in Arnstadt in 1978. Unfortunately, at the end of 79, due to the political circumstances in the GDR, it was already over again. The new start came in 2000 in Gotha on traditional ground. Since 2010 I am flying in Bad Berka in Thuringia. I like to fly spreaded routes and also relaxed competitions, where the common flying is in the foreground. In the club I have been taking care of the gliders for many years as workshop manager.

I have been enthusiastic about the German Gliding Forum on for a long time, first as an avid user and since about 15(?) years also as a moderator. Especially the technical topics and also the legal consideration of those in the area of conflict between EASA, LBA and club I found enormously helpful. As a moderator, you have to put up with a lot and also enforce the operator's positions. Therefore, the decision to discontinue the forum was difficult for me to understand. I am glad that with the foundation of the German Booster Club Förderverein Segelflug e.V. the forum contents have found a new home and I will gladly continue to accompany the new start as a moderator. I am convinced that the new association will ensure that we will not get into such a situation again.
Uwe Bodenheim
Geoinformatics and Surveying
Position: Press Release (provisional)
I grew up on the airfield and gliding became my passion. My flying home is the SFG Wershofen in the Eifel. There I am active as a flight instructor, but I can also look back on some experience in press work and as a board member. Some years in the national youth leadership brought me valuable experiences in the association work. As a passionate cross country glider pilot I like to pass on my experience as a trainer to the new generation. With vintage gliding I have recently discovered another attractive aspect of silent flight.
It is especially important to me in flying to share experience and knowledge and thus bring our sport forward. For this, the Glider Forum has been and continues to be a great tool that I have enjoyed tapping into as a resource, but also filling it with what knowledge I could contribute. I am glad that through the Förderverein Segelflug there is now a future for THE "knowledge platform" of the gliding community, with plenty of room for more ideas.